Anah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse

Located about 60km from Kuching, Anah Rais bidayuh longhouse still preserved its traditional look. The longhouse is mainly made from well preserved bamboo, tourists can view and walk on the unique architectural, admire cultural features of longhouse and traditional farming lifestyle of the Bidayuh peoples. They built imposing octagonal skull houses ( BARUK )  to house their enemy’s head. The original longhouse is over a century old and many biliks (rooms) are now vacant as the younger generation move to the towns and cities for work and education. It is also a thriving tribal community where you can meet and interact with the residents, observe them going about their everyday tasks, and appreciate the superb quality of their traditional handicrafts.

The trip is best complimented with a bath at the river and hotspring nearby, of which our package also inclusive of the transport and entrance fee to the Hotspring.

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