About Us

Pandan GoldCoast Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. is officially registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (registration no. 985591-A), a travel Operator licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia (license No. KPL/LN 6820).

It all started with our profound love for Pandan Beach in Lundu, Sarawak, a window to true Borneo Living. A place close to our heart, and which we are more than eager to share with everyone. We believe that Sarawak, rich in true Borneo heritage and tradition, needs to be given an opportunity to show its wonderfully fascinating yet humble origins.  Lundu’s Pandan Beach is the ideal destination to experience the life, culture and environment at its best; friendly community, pristine untouched nature and huge variety of local food and activities for the young and old.

Pandan Goldcoast Team is devoted to bringing customers closer to Mother Nature, and let them experience first hand the endless wonders Mother Nature brings. Moreover, we tirelessly explore for hidden tourism jewels within Malaysia, beach destinations, national parks and historical landmarks, with the intention to raise awareness and cultivate interests in conserving nature and preserving culture by both locals and foreigners. We believe that tourism opens up opportunities to support local communities and conservation. And we hope that what we do here has a positive spillover effect on the communities around us.

Which is the reason why we expanded our reach to the whole of Malaysia, providing a variety of packages to choose from. We would like you to experience the true wonders of Borneo Island, Sabah and Sarawak, and Peninsular Malaysia. Lots of exciting activities. Everyday a new adventure and a new learning experience. This is more than just a holiday destination. This is more than just a stay somewhere. This is your story of Malaysia.

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